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Who We Are?

We are a small business enterprise who has been in business for 10 years. During all these years, we have delivered high-quality painting services across Indiana. Each project has been handled by painting specialists, allowing clients to feel confident that their residential & commercial buildings are in good hands.

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At Garcia Painting Pro, LLC we care about doing good.

Anyone who puts their trust in us can be sure that we make the right decisions for everyone.

Our organization focuses on providing people with solutions to their painting needs through comprehensive services and first-class customer support during the entire process.

We are an organization made up of humble and honest people who care about doing their job well and providing the results our clients expect.

Our clients are what we value the most. Garcia Painting Pro’s professional and trustworthy team cares about you and  treats you the way we would like to be treated. Furthermore, our main objective is to satisfy their needs and make them happy with our high quality work.

Honesty And Satisfaction Guaranteed

We offer you a level of guarantee that's unique in the market. All work done by our company is of high quality. Our organization & our workers always ensure honesty, good service, excellent customer care, and the consolidation of a long-term relationship.

Budget Friendly And Services Delivered On Time

Garcia Painting Pro, LLC team establishes real timings for each project and works hard to meet the turnaround time. There’s almost no chance we will need extra time to finish our work, as we know the processes inside out and have offered these services for years! In addition, our prices are honest and in line with industry trends. We make your investment worthwhile!

We Care About Your Safety

At Garcia Painting Pro, LLC we care about the safety of our clients and follow industry safety rules and the best equipment to avoid all potential hazards while doing the painting work.

Although painting seems like a risk-free task, the truth is that specialists must take precautions to avoid risks since most painting products are made of chemicals that can be harmful to people’s health if not handled properly.

Our team not only knows safety standards but wears all personal protective equipment (PPE), including gloves, eyewear, paint masks, hard hats, fall arrest, coveralls and shoe covers, fire extinguishers, and more. Our specialists follow the OSHA standards, guaranteeing the correct handling of tools and chemical products during the painting works to reduce hazards.

We Work With The Best Suppliers!

Do you want a specific color? We will prepare it for you! Each of our clients is free to use their

creativity and imagination to choose the colors they want.

We work only with the best suppliers, including Sherwin-Williams, which delivers top-quality paints

and coatings products with one of the world’s most recognized portfolios.

The products we use the most are Emerald interior/exterior Acrylic Latex, Duration interior/exterior

Acrylic Latex, Super paint interior/exterior acrylic latex, CHB interior ceiling paint, Emerald Urethane

Enamel trim paint, Cashmere Interior Acrylic Latex, and Shellac Oil base primer. In addition to preparing

special colors according to each person’s taste, we can work with any brand that our clients need.

We will prepare any color that exists to please you.

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Are You Ready For A Transformation?

Your satisfaction is valuable, so we will work hard to make up all the trust and time you have invested in our company. García Painting Pro takes care of every aspect of your experience.

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